Brand Identity and Jewelry Design for Adi & Olive

Adi & Olive Brand Imagery Adi & Olive Ammolite Pieces

I have been designing and creating jewelry since I was four years old. I decided to revisit my love for metalsmithing and enrolled in night classes at ACAD a couple years ago, then honed my skills at the bench for countless hours. Adi & Olive is my metalsmithing business where I create beautiful, handmade heirloom jewelry from precious and semi precious stones, set in sterling silver. My Baba is my muse for the company name; Adi is Hebrew for jewel and Olive was my Baba's name.

Rainbow Labradorite Ring Amethyst Stalicite Necklace Labradorite and Moonstone Ring

Print and Digital Design for Burwood Distillery

Burwood Menu
Pullup Banner
Support Local Black Friday Think Pink
Vodka Bottle
Medica Bottle
Eau de Vie Bottle
Summer Slam
Fruit n Funk
Ginger Donkey

Burwood Distillery is a local spirit micro distillery. I designed all of their print and digital collateral. Projects ranged from bottle labels, vehicle decals, social media posts introducing new products and events, menus, posters, flyers, stationary and sell sheets.

Logo and Infographic Design for TAQA North Ltd.

CGLM logos
CGLM infographic

TAQA North Ltd. required a logo design and infographic for their CGLM group. I provided 3 logo design options. The logo included in the infographic was the chosen version.

MNP T-Shirt Designs for Calgary Corporate Challenge (CCC)

CCC 2017 CCC 2018

Every year, MNP participates in the Calgary Corporate Challenge (CCC). The CCC is a series of sporting events held over 16 days all over Calgary. Companies city-wide compete as teams against other companies / teams in the ultimate team-building events. The CCC is themed every year and the above designs were created for 2017 - Proudly Canadian and 2018 - Calgary '88 30 year anniversary. MNP's entire team to wore these t-shirts during every CCC face-off.

Print and Digital Design for Cariwest Festival

Festival Brochure Sponsor Poster Festival Brochure Inside
Digital Poster Instagram Graphic Shared Social Graphic

Cariwest is an annual three day Caribbean arts and music festival located in Edmonton. The board required graphic design for all of their print and digital collateral. I designed the festival brochure, social media images, posters and digital billboards.

Cores & Effect Pilates Brochure and Training Document

Cores & Effect Pilates’ studio is located in Bragg Creek. The owner required a brochure and training document to promote their teacher training course and pilates classes.

Cores Brochure Outside Cores Brochure Inside
Cores Training Document Cover Cores Training Document Page 2 Cores Training Document Last Page

TAQA North Ltd. Beyond Yourself Badges

Beyond Yourself Badge 2 Beyond Yourself Badge 1 Beyond Yourself Badge 1a

A badge that symbolizes family, coworkers, friends and safety was requested by TAQA. The approved design would then be turned into an embroidered badge that the field workers and superintendents would stitch to their uniforms. These three designs were a few proposed during the proofing process.

Nature's Cellar Wine Brochure

Nature’s Cellar is a local wine business, specializing in organic wine from all over the world. They required a brochure that features a few bottles from their extensive selection.

Wine Brochure Front Wine Brochure Inside Wine Brochure Back

Anti-Money Laundering for Lawyers Direct Mail (DM) Piece

This DM piece was designed for MNP's Valuations, Forensics and Litigation Support (VFLS) team. They required a piece of mail that would stand out in a pile of other mail addressed to partner-level lawyers. The subject matter of the letter inside the DM deals with anti-money laundering (AML) and how MNP can help clarify the threats posed in AML. I thought creating a magnifying glass decoder that reveals a clear message when placed over scrambled text would be a very fun and clever way to convey this message. The trifold DM has a hidden pocket that stores the decoder and everything was packaged up and mailed out in a clear envelope so the recipient could see the entire piece upon first glance.

DM Piece Front DM Front Magnify DM Unfolding
Look Inside DM Folded DM Magnify

Transformation Report for MNP

These reports were a series of multiple page documents discussing trends and changes within Canadian companies. Each report contains several intricate infographics and page designs.

Transformation Report Cover Transformation Report Cover Transformation Report Cover Transformation Report Cover Transformation Report Cover Transformation Report Cover